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How to Travel Without the Frazzle

You know the type… they breeze through the airport, never ever running to catch a flight or looking close to tears at the back of the long security line.  They manage to look effortlessly chic yet casual, like they rolled out of bed with a relaxed sense of purpose.  They even had time to stop and pick up a healthy, delicious-looking takeout meal, darn them!  What’s their secret?

We don’t know. If we did, we’d tell you.  We’ve eaten WAY too many lousy $10 sandwiches in airports, ourselves.  But here’s what we DO know:

Sleep is a superpower. 

It’s hard to stay on track with your sleep when traveling, but if you can make it a priority, you’ll reap the rewards.  The good experiences will feel that much better; the not-so-good experiences will bother you less.  (We recommend calling any unfortunate mishaps “adventures” – said with a smile, if you can manage it.)

How do we suggest you do this? Try treating yourself like a professional athlete.  (Hey, not everyone can afford a "Sleep Whisperer"... but we can read about the experience!)

  • Do your best to stick to a consistent sleep routine.  Parents know how important this is for their kids, but somehow we adults forget that our own bedtime is sacred.
  • If you can bring elements of a familiar sleep environment with you, such as a pillow, white noise machine, or your favorite soothing scent – all the better.  
  • When traveling across time zones, it can be helpful to try to adjust in advance.  Light therapy can be useful for accomplishing this.  Conversely, if your trip is a short one, you may want to try NOT to adjust to the new time zone.  It'll make the transition home that much easier.
  • Finally, remember that no one is perfect, and we all have sleepless nights from time to time.  Relax – try not to stress out about it – and be glad you’re not about to play in the Super Bowl or something - then approach the next evening with every expectation of sleep success.
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