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How to Remember Your Dreams

It can be frustrating to wake up from a good dream, yet not fully remember it. You might remember bits and pieces of your dream such as who was there and where you were, but you might not remember the rest. You are so excited and can’t wait to tell your friends, but by the time you get around to it, you forget the whole thing…. What a bummer!

Robert Stickgold, an associate professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School tells the NY Times that “Middle-of-the-night awakenings are frequently accompanied by dream recall.” Robert recommends keeping a notebook and pen by your bedside so you can jot down your dream as soon as you wake up. Prior to falling asleep, tell yourself “I’m going to remember my dreams” three times. This is said to be put on a to-do list in your mind and in turn helps you remember your dreams. In addition, when you wake up, you should try lying in bed with your eyes closed, not moving. Once you are fully awake, write down all the details you could remember from your dreams in your dream journal.

Now that we’ve revealed the secrets to remembering your dreams, all you need is a comfortable bed that will help you drift off to sleep. With a Yogabed Original, you’ll be dreaming of Brad Pitt, Tropical Beaches or the like, in no time!

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