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Hey, College Students: Choose Sleep!

If you’re interested in sleep, you’ve likely heard about Arianna Huffington’s new book, the Sleep Revolution – but you may not be aware that there is also an ongoing series of #SleepRevolution events happening at colleges throughout the U.S. Thanks to the efforts of Arianna Huffington and her tireless team, students across the country are waking up to the fact that the common saying "sleep; social life; grades: choose two" is decidedly unhealthy and unhelpful, and they're learning both why they should want to change, and how.


There are many obstacles that college students must overcome in order to sleep better. Busy extracurricular schedules, class requirements, and social demands combine with a perception that sleep is somehow optional. Add to that a newfound freedom and the realization that one can now set one's own sleep schedule (or not), and sleep often falls to the bottom of the student's priority list. That's at the heart of what Arianna and her team are trying to change. It's a slow process, however, and sometimes even the most dedicated and well-intentioned would-be sleeper faces challenges due to a less-than-ideal sleep environment.

As we all know, life is noisy, and college is NOISIER. It doesn’t have to be. Sound may be the problem, but it can also be the solution. Marpac launched a #LifeIsNoisy campaign as part of the larger #SleepRevolution effort in order to facilitate awareness around this issue. Inspired by the colorful consumer reviews we read every day, we asked college students to mimic the sounds that keep them up at night, disturb their concentration, or otherwise impinge upon their privacy. Here's the highly amusing result. It's good for a giggle, but the ultimate message is real: it's up to each of us to challenge our own status quo, and to recognize that our lives could be even better with just a little more "SSHHHH!"

(An added bonus: sound machines are great for study and concentration, too!)

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