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Here’s Why Your Next Mattress Will Come In A Box

OK, it’s true you can still go to a ritzy department store or giant retail chain and shell out big bucks on a “luxurious” mattress/boxspring combo. You can also still watch Betamax tapes and connect to the Internet via dial-up. But that’s not the way things are heading.

Here’s a quick run-down on why soooo many people are switching to the modern mattress-buying approach epitomized (in our humble opinion) by Yogabed.

1) A great night’s rest. The state of the art in sleep tech is a new generation of materials like hypoallergenic Yoga Instant Response Foam™ and YogaGel,™ engineered to disperse weight evenly and reduce pressure points. Result: Sleep that replenishes the body, quiets the mind and nourishes the soul.  

2) Mistake-proof purchasing. You gotta love the 365-night free trial. More than enough time to decide you love your new Yogabed. Or (less likely) you don’t.  

3) Free home delivery. Both shipping and returns are free. Is this a great country or what?  

4) Yogabed pillows! Yogabed produces premium pillows, made of the same phenomenal Yoga Instant Response Foam used in their mattress. Because doesn’t your head deserve to be just as comfortable as the rest of your body? 

5) Awesome accessories. Luxurious sheets, waterproof mattress protectors, all-in-one frame foundation…all shipped to your door free of charge.  

6) Zip-n-Wash Cover. Not all boxed mattresses have this—just Yogabed. It’s a great way to keep a clean, allergen-free sleep surface beneath your sheets. The THERMOCOOL™ fiber helps warm you when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot. And it zips on or off in 30 seconds!

7) Sizes, sizes & more sizes. Something for everyone: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. What’s your pleasure?  

8) An iron-clad guarantee. Every new Yogabed can be returned for a full refund within 1 year of purchase. We’ll even arrange to have it picked up.

9) Customer service done right. When you sell your product directly to your customers, there’s a relationship. Which is nice.  

10) Born in the USA. Feel like helping out your country’s economy? Yogabed is made in Georgia and shipped right to your door. USA! USA!

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