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Front, Back, Side or Combo: What Your Sleep Position Means

[Editor’s note: The Bard of Bedtime has struck again. Assigned to research and report on the topic of Sleep Positions, he (she?) instead submitted via Federal Express the following stanzas—accompanied by three cases of Reese’s Sticks, which were delicious.]


Multifarious and wondrous

Are the habits of our species

No more so than when we’re sleepy

And at last switch off our TVs


The positions that we sleep in

Span a spectrum that is vast

Nearly infinite—but hey, why not

Run down a few real fast


There are folks who find that tummies

Are the comfiest in bed

It is said that there are yogis

Who can slumber on their heads


Some are Starfish, some are Soldiers

Some are positively fetal

Some exceptionally versatile

(Like thespian Don Cheadle)


If you cuddle with your pillow

Does it mean you long for love?

If you toss from side to side

Is your mattress firm enough?


Front or back or in between

On your own or newly wed

Our position on your sleep

Is simple: Try a Yogabed