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Don’t Let the Man Tell You Not To Sleep Late

Are there no simple pleasures left in life?

First came the devastating news that bread makes you fat. Now this so-called “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” says it’s bad for your health if you sleep late on weekends. Something about “circadian misalignment” and triglyceride levels and blah blah blah.


Oh—and they say you’ll get something called “social jet lag.”

Have you ever had jet lag? It was totally worth it, right? You traveled somewhere far away, saw things you’d never seen before, created lifelong memories, grew as a person—and your triglyceride levels never once crossed your mind.

As for sleeping in: You’ve probably known the indescribable joy that can only come from squinting at a bedside clock, registering its rude, unfeeling 6:01 and turning over to grab another five or six hours of shut-eye. Pure heaven.

Maybe you were up late the night before, hard at work. Or maybe you were enjoying yourself with family and friends. Maybe you’ll be at an amazing show this Friday and your crew will all go out for gyros afterward and you won’t get home ’til quarter to four. Knowing you don’t have to crawl out of bed in a few hours makes the whole experience that much sweeter.

Hey—this is America. Our ancestors fought for the freedoms we hold dear—including the freedom to spend whichever hours we choose in the beds of our choice, be they beat-up old wrecks we’ve had for years or the very latest and greatest. With garlic bread or without.

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