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Allergies can be a real pain! If you suffer from allergies, you know they cause a disturbance in your life and your sleep. Have you ever tried to sleep with allergies? It seems every time you start to fall asleep you need to sneeze, or your nose is either runny or stuffy which leaves you unable to breathe. Like we said…. Allergies can be a real pain!

We’ve already discussed how changing your sheets and washing your mattress or mattress cover can help with allergies, however there are more things you can do to help cope with your allergies and get better sleep.

To promote better sleep and survive allergy season, try using a humidifier, vacuuming the floors often, taking a hot shower, keeping windows and doors closed to reduce the allergens entry to the home, saline spray and more. For a complete list click here!

While reducing and managing allergens in the home will help your symptoms, you should still practice good sleep hygiene (exercise, eating healthy, avoiding caffeine, etc.) which promotes better and longer sleep.

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, consider a Yogabed. Yogabed’s zip and wash cover makes it quick and simple to wash your mattress cover. Now you can help combat the allergens by simply unzipping the cover and putting it in the washing machine. Sleep free of dust and allergens. Simple. Clean. Yogabed.

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